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Hayle Runners beach run


the largest and one of the most successful running clubs in Cornwall


Hayle Runners out in force for Stormforce

Hayle runners kicked off the 2023 Cornish Grand Prix season in style with the Stormforce 10 mile road race, organised by Carn Runners. The 70 Hayle runners were part of a total field of 499 from Cornwall and beyond. The route took them from Camborne, through Barripper, to Realwa and Leedstown, before looping back through Carnhell Green to retrace their steps and race to the finish at Camborne School. There was a fantastic atmosphere on the day with a mix of seasoned Stormforce runners and first-timers, all of whom did the club proud. It was also great to see even more of our members showing up to cheer everybody on.


Joshua Rowe came second overall with a phenomenal time of 53 minutes and 25 seconds, and also led the men's team, also consisting of Jordan Morant, Adam Gore, Jacob Gardner, Peter Barnes, and Kieran Murrant, to second place.


The Hayle ladies team were just pipped to the podium, coming in fourth, but still a fantastic effort by Melodie Manners, Lee Strickland, Kirsty Medlock, Lia Foreman, Corinne Gerrard, and Lucy Paull.


Several of our runners brought home age category prizes:
Joshua Rowe - 2nd (under 35)

Peter Barnes - 3rd (40-44)

Lee Strickland - 3rd (45-49)

David Reid - 2nd (50-54)

Jon Eldon - 1st (60-64)

Martin Curtis - 3rd (70-74)

Chunky Penhaul - 1st (75-79)

Full list of Hayle Runners times:

Joshua Rowe: 00:53:25

Jordan Morant: 00:56:40

Adam Gore: 00:57:55

Jacob Gardner: 00:58:57

Peter Barnes: 01:00:46

Kieran Murrant: 01:00:50

Liam O'Neill: 01:02:51

Daniel Strickland: 01:03:16

David Reid: 01:04:57

Scott Abraham: 01:06:52

Will Luckhurst: 01:07:18

James Manning: 01:07:28

Mark Williams: 01:07:49

Jon Eldon: 01:07:58

Simon Knowles: 01:08:02

Simon Jeffs: 01:08:19

Ian Curnow: 01:08:25

David Guffick: 01:10:19

Lee Burford: 01:10:58

Melodie Manners: 01:12:02

Paul Gough: 01:13:58

Frazer Humbles: 01:14:51

Kevin Silver: 01:14:56

Lee Strickland: 01:15:14

Kirsty Medlock: 01:15:23

Andrew James: 01:17:35

Lia Foreman: 01:17:50

Corinne Gerrard: 01:19:13

Lucy Paull: 01:21:33

Jane Barker: 01:22:03

Craig Underhill: 01:23:33

Richard Collett: 01:24:16

Chunky Penhaul: 01:24:56

Andrew Ellis: 01:25:13

Charles Simpson: 01:25:20

Alison Thomas: 01:27:02

Hannah Smith: 01:27:17

Maria De Ruvo: 01:27:58

Jennifer Buckland: 01:29:30

Stuart Smith: 01:29:30

Sarah Allen: 01:30:15

Sam Murray: 01:30:46

Michael Orchard: 01:31:15

Jennifer Forbes: 01:31:41

Fiona Gamble: 01:32:15

Trish Merrett: 01:32:31

Jamie Gore: 01:35:03

Louise Ollivier: 01:36:10

Martin Curtis: 01:36:39

Margaret Clark: 01:36:58

Mel Burgess: 01:36:59

Mike Baldwin: 01:40:52

Nick Morley: 01:41:05

Claire Stone: 01:41:40

Stewart Townend: 01:41:51

Cas Leo: 01:42:19

Helen Cattran: 01:50:26

Julie Bolitho: 01:51:06

Susan Thomas: 01:51:08

Zenna Rogers: 01:52:51

Sarah Johns: 01:53:25

Jackie Stone: 01:57:03

Amanda Gore: 01:57:56

Karen Lovegrove: 01:58:47

Robert Bolitho: 02:01:08

Nicola Masters: 02:01:30

Sarah Ellis: 02:08:44

Teresa Moore: 02:08:44

Donna Dark: 02:11:35

Samantha Dixon: 02:11:49

St Ives Bay 10k: Results

The St Ives Bay 10k 2022 Results can be download from the links below (fun run results to follow).

Results in PDF format

Results in Excel format

Photo of the St Ives Bay 10k Fun Run taken by Oisín Curtis



Newquay 10k (GP2)

Date: Sunday, Feb 5, 2023
Location: Newquay


Looe 10mile (GP3)

Date: Sunday, Feb 9, 2023
Location: Looe


Falmouth Half-Marathon 7 (GP4)

Date: Sunday, Mar 12, 2022
Location: Falmouth


Duchy 20

Sunday 6 Mar 2022


St Ives Bay 10k

Tuesday 9 Aug 2022


There is gold in those hills -

Looe 10 mile road race


Congratulations to any runner who decided to run Looe 10 mile road race!


Twenty members of Hayle Runners made their way to east Cornwall to take place in the very hilly but scenic race organised by Looe Pioneers Running Club and acquitted themselves really well.


There was a great performance by a strong men’s team who came third in the men’s team competition. Neil Hayhurst led the team home, closely followed by Steve Fuller (who was second in his 50-54 age category), Ed Bennett, Chris Barrett, David Wilding, and Tim Twiggs.


For the women, a great run by Debbie Harrison Webb saw her win her 50-54 age category and lead the Hayle women home. She was supported in the women's team by Corinne Gerrard, Margaret Clark, Susan Thomas, Jane Naylor and Clare Stone.

There were also age category prises for Jon Eldon 3rd in his 60-64 age category and Chunky Penhaul 2nd in his 70-74 age category.


Hayle Runners Women's team captain Corinne Gerrard said, "The Looe 10 is a really tough race but we had some fantastic runs from club members throughout the field. It was great to see new faces making our teams at the race. Everyone did so well."

Neil Hayhurst - 1:10:33

Stephen Fuller - 1:10:54

Edmund Bennett - 1:11:01

Chris Barrett - 1:13:56

David Wilding - 1:15:46

Tim Twiggs - 1:19:46

Jon Eldon - 1:21:22

Debbie Harrison-Webb - 1:22:16

Liam O’Neill - 1:26:20

Andrew James - 1:27:57

Frazer Humbles - 1:28:07

Corinne Gerrard - 1:32:59

Kevin Silver - 1:35:01

Anthony Burrows - 1:35:09

Chunky (Antony) Penhaul  - 1:39:40

Margaret Clark - 1:58:55

Susan Thomas - 2:07:22

Jane Naylor - 2:09:33

Claire Stone - 2:11:06

Helen Cattran-Dunlop - 2:14:47

Hayle Runners off to a flying start to the 2022 Grand Prix Season


Hayle Runners got off to a flying start to the new season at the Stormforce 10 mile road race, the first race in the 2022 Cornish Road Running Grand Prix season. The club had a large entry in the race with 75 runners out of a total field of 560 runners who made their way from Camborne through Barripper to Realwa and Leedstown before looping back through Carnell Green to retrace their steps and race to the finish at Camborne School.

The Hayle team were led home for the men by Joshua Rowe who had a great race finishing in an amazing time of 54 minutes 19 seconds and Melissa Nicholas for the women in a time of 70 minutes 53 seconds who also helped the Hayle women's team take 3rd place in the team competition where she was joined by Melody Manners, Rebecca Tossell, Debbie Mitchell, Emily Ellen and Corinne Gerrard.


The women pipped the men’s team of Josh Rowe, Neil Hayhurst, Steve Fuller, Peter Barnes, Tom Rosenfeld and Ed Bennett who just missed out on a podium place.


There were also individual prizes for Neil Hayhurst, 2nd in his 40-44 age group, Chunky Penhaul 2nd in his 70-74 age group, Stewart Townsend 3rd in his over 75 age group, Diane Warren second in her 65-69 age category and Timothea Cardell who was first in her over 75 category.


There were very many personal best throughout the Hayle Runners team and brilliant club debut performances from numerous team members.


Members of the club wore ribbons in memory of their colleague and friend Matt Curtis who passed away late last year.


Lee Burford, Chair of Hayle Runners said that, "It was great to see so many of the team giving the Stormforce race a go. Although a little chilly conditions were good and this helped toward so many great runs from the team and giving us a great start to the season. We are now looking forward to the Newquay 10k on the 6th February when the season gets into full flow."

Speeding Snow White wins the Malcolm Date trophy

Each year (with a lockdown break in 2020) Hayle Runners holds a handicap race in memory of Malcolm Date, one of its members who had died of a heart related condition. The race starts and finishes close to the Marazion Community Centre and follows the route of the former Marazion 10 kilometre race through the back lanes of St Hilary and Rosevidney finishing near Marazion surgery. The big difference is that each competitor has to run the race in Fancy Dress and, as it is a handicap race the slower runners are given a head start based on their previous times and the clubs faster runners have to race hard to try and catch up.


Local residents may have been startled to see runners dressed in a variety of costumes running through the lanes. This year the very competitive race  was won by a speedy Snow White or rather Claire Stone, followed in second place by Margaret Clark as Minnie Mouse and in third place Teresa Clark  dressed as one of Santa's Elves. 


Hayle Runners Chairman Lee Burford who took part in the race as a Cowboy said, "this is always a fun event which gives everyone a chance of winning. I'm delighted with a record attendance this year, the costumes were brilliant and for some of the runners they were quite difficult in run in. Claire's win showed that even our slower runners can triumph by just doing their best on the day."

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