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the largest and one of the most successful running clubs in Cornwall


Results for the Marazion 10k

Well done to everyone who finished the Marazion 10k. The results can be found here.

The photos will be posted shortly.


Bude Pirate Run (MTRS2)

Date: Sunday, Sept 10, 2023
Location: Bude


Truro Half Marathon (GP12)

Date: Sunday, Sept 17, 2023
Location: Truro


Tywarnhayle 10k (MTRS3)

Date: Sunday, Aug 6, 2023
Location: Indian Queens


Marazion 10k 2023

Sunday 24 Sept 2023


The Revival of the Marazion 10k


We were so thrilled to resurrect the Marazion 10K for the first time since 2015, and even some horrible weather couldn’t dampen our excitement on the day.


Over 300 runners took on the route, which is a single loop, left-turn race starting below Trevenna Square in Marazion. The race has 131m of elevation - which is basically flat in Cornish terms - with a slightly inconvenient hill up to the finish, but we wouldn’t want to make things too easy!


Peter Le Grice from Bristol and West AC was first man home, followed by Dave Angell in second, and John McWilliams in third, both from Mile High running club. First woman was Jo Temple from Truro Running Club, with Zelah Morrall of Cornwall AC in second, and Sarah Reel from Falmouth Running Club in third.


The race entrants from Hayle also had a very successful event with men’s teams coming in first and third places. In first place were Neil Hayhurst, Sean Bradbury, Jon Eldon, Paul Gough, Liam O’Neill, and Ian Earles; while Craig Underhill, Andrew Ellis, Charles Simpson, Johnathan Billing, Santino Magion, and Richard Collier made up the team in third place. The Hayle women’s team came in second and comprised Melissa Nicholas, Andrea Simmons, Kelly Bills, Alison Thomas, Jennifer Buckland, and Helen Knowles.


Runners from Hayle also took home a few age category prizes:

Melissa Nicholas - Women 19-34 - 3rd

Andrea Simmons - Women 65-69 - 1st

Neil Hayhurst - Men 40-44 - 1st

Paul Gough - Men 50-54 - 3rd

Jon Eldon - Men 60-64 - 1st

Martin Curtis - Men 75-79 - 2nd


Club Chair, Richard Collett said, “the Marazion 10k was last ran in 2015, so to bring back this local favourite race was a great privilege for the club. We're even more excited that for next year, the Marazion 10k will be part of the Cornwall Road Running Grand Prix Series.


We do however want to apologise to the 315 runners that had to endure the 40mph gusty headwinds on the final hill. We generally don't make a habit of organising that bit.”


Huge thanks to everybody who joined us yesterday, whether as participants, supporters, or volunteers. This race wouldn’t have been possible without all of you.

Truro Half Marathon


Truro Half Marathon is not for the faint-hearted, and today 39 runners from Hayle made the trip to take it on.

The notoriously hilly course starts with a loop of central Truro, before running out to Porth Kea, Playing Place, and Cowlands, and then heading back into town. This year the runners had an extra treat to contend with in the form of torrential rain which started shortly after the race did and continued for the duration! With all that in mind, everybody who ran today did incredibly well.

If that wasn’t enough, both our women’s and men’s teams came second overall! The women’s team was Melodie Manners, Kirsty Medlock, Melissa Nicholas, Lucy Paull, Lee Strickland, and Andrea Simmons; while Peter Barnes, Thomas Rosenfeld, Daniel Strickland, Neil Hayhurst, Edmund Bennett, and Liam O’Neill made up the men’s team.

A few of our runners also brought home age group prizes. They were:

Women 35-39 - 3rd - Melodie Manners

Women 45-49 - 2nd - Lee Strickland

Women 65-69 - 2nd - Andrea Simmons

Men 40-44 - 2nd - Peter Barnes

Men 50-54 - 1st - Scott Abraham

Men 60-64 - 1st - Jon Eldon

Club Chairman, Richard Collett said “We’re incredibly proud of all of our runners that ran today at Truro. Especially our ladies and men’s teams that placed 2nd.

Despite our efforts to send as many runners as we can, the route still hasn’t flattened out making it a challenging half marathon for all runners.

Truro Running Club put on an excellent event and the finish was as fantastic as always. We’re looking forward to coming back next year to tackle those hills.”

Treggy 7 and "That Hill"


41 runners from Hayle travelled up to Launceston to spend a sunny morning running the Treggy 7. They were in a field of nearly 370 runners who took on the 7-mile course.

The race starts in Launceston town square, where participants are treated to a downhill first mile. This gives way to an undulating route, including a half mile hill - fondly referred to as ‘That Hill’ by nearly everybody - up to the village of Tregadillett. Runners then return to Launceston and the finish line in the grounds of the castle.

All of our runners put in a fantastic effort, no matter where they placed, although there were some stand-out performances:

The women’s team, comprised of Melodie Manners, Lee Strickland, Melissa Nicholas, Kirsty Medlock, Corinne Gerrard and Jennifer Forbes, came second overall!

Hayle men’s teams came second AND third overall! The team in second place was Jacob Gardner, Jordan Morant, Neil Hayhurst, Daniel Strickland, Peter Barnes, and Adam Gore The team in third was Edmund Bennett, Liam O’Neill, Scott Abraham, Simon Knowles, Mark Williams, and Jon Eldon


Several runners also placed in the top three of their age categories. Those runners were:

Melodie Manners - 1st - Women 35-39

Jennifer Forbes - 3rd - Women 35-39

Kirsty Medlock - 3rd - Women 40-44

Lee Strickland- 2nd - Women 45-49

Corinne Gerrard - 3rd - Women 50-54

Scott Abraham - 2nd - Men 50-54

Jon Eldon - 1st - Men 60-64

Chunky Penhaul - 1st - Men 75-79

Stewart Townend - 1st - Men 80+

Another huge well done to every member of the green army who took part, or went to support, today. Thanks as well to Launceston Road Runners for their hard work in making Treggy 7 Road Race such a fab event!

Hayle Runners and three team
places at Indian Queens


40 Hayle runners joined a field of nearly 400 for the Indian Queens half marathon today. The race starts and ends in Indian Queens and includes a mix of road and several miles of trails through Goss Moor. Indian Queens half always seems to fall on a hot day (We've checked the archives), and today was no exception.

Nevertheless, Hayle runners had a very successful race which started with Jacob Gardner taking third place overall!

One Hayle men’s team consisting of Jacob Gardner, Jordan Morant, Adam Gore, Peter Barnes, Daniel Strickland, and Thomas Rosenfeld came 1st Not only did the Hayle team come first but another Hayle men’s team, made up of Liam O’Neill, Mark Williams, Lee Burford, Clem Mitchell, Ian Curnow, and Jon Eldon also came 3rd! Our ladies’ team also did brilliantly, coming in second overall, so a huge well done to Debbie Harrison-Webb, Kirsty Medlock, Lee Strickland, Lucy Paull, Corinne Gerrard, and Melodie Manners.

There were lots of age group prizes as well:

Lucy Paull - 2nd - Female 35-39

Kirsty Medlock - 3rd - Female 40-44

Lee Strickland - 3rd - Female 45-49

Debbie Harrison-Webb - 1st - Female 50-54

Corinne Gerrard - 3rd - Female 50-54

Andrea Simmons - 2nd - Female 65-69

Jacob Gardner - 2nd - Male under 35

Jordan Morant - 3rd - Male under 35

Adam Gore - 2nd - Male 35-39

Peter Barnes - 3rd - Male 40-44

Jon Eldon - 1st - Male 60-64

Chunky Penhaul - 1st - Male 75-79

Stewart Townend - 1st - Male 80+

A huge well done to everybody who took part in the race today, no matter their time, and thanks as well to the team at Indian Queens Half Marathon who always put on a super event

13 Hayle Runners take on the Tywardreath Trotter


Yesterday evening saw 13 runners from Hayle join over 200 others at the Tywardreath Trotter, a 7-mile multi-terrain race held on a mix of footpaths, bridleways and quiet country lanes. A hilly route at the best of times, this year’s race was made even tougher by recent heavy rain which meant there was a lot of mud and a couple of washed out paths and homemade bridges to contend with! Everybody did a super job on an extra-challenging course.

A few well-deserved shoutouts go to:

Jennifer Forbes - 1st - Female 35-39

Kevin Silver - 2nd - Male 55-59

Jon Eldon - 1st - Male 60-64

Jennie Massey, Sarah Ellis & Sam Collier - Best Green Army team spirit finish

Well done to everybody who took part and huge thanks to the Tywardreath Village Fete Committee for organising!

And if that wasn’t enough, while the Hayle contingent were up in Tywardreath, Neil Hayhurst was even further afield running the Montane Lakeland 50, which is a 50-mile ultra run in the Lake District!. Neil came 37th out of over 1300 runners and achieved a course PB by over 27 minutes - Amazing work!

Hayle Runners take on the Turkey Trot


This decidedly Christmassy-sounding, four-mile race takes place each July from Tricky's at the Tolgus Inn and is race nine in the Cornish GP series.

47 runners joined a field of just over 300 on the night, and all did incredibly well.

Particular shoutouts go to…

Emma Paull, who was third lady overall!

Emma Paull (again), Melodie Manners, Debbie Harrison-Webb, Lee Strickland, Kirsty Medlock, and Jane Barker who made up the Hayle Ladies’s team who also came third!

The following also took home age category prizes:

Emma Paull - 1st - Female 35-39

Debbie Harrison-Webb - 3rd - Female 50-54

Timothea Cardrell - 1st - Female 80+

Peter Barnes - 2nd - Male 40-44

Neil Hayhurst - 3rd - Male 40-44

Jon Eldon - 1st - Male 60-64

Chunky Penhaul - 1st - Male 75-79

Stuart Townsend - 1st - Male 80+

Well done again to everybody who took part and huge thanks to Cornwall AC for a great time had by all!

Hayle Runners take on the Magnificent 7


Hayle Runners take on the Magnificent 7 (or Mag 7 to those in the know).


28 runners from Hayle made the trip to join nearly 300 on the seven-mile course that starts and ends at Saltash Rugby Club, through country lanes surrounding Saltash, with lovely views across the Tamar and Lynher estuaries.

A huge shoutout to the men’s team, made up of Jordan Morant, Peter Barnes, Daniel Strickland, Thomas Rosenfeld, Simon Jeffs, and Edmund Bennett who came first overall!

Emma Paull, Melodie Manners, Kirsty Medlock, Michelle Fitt, Alison Thomas, and Claire Stone made up the women’s team and also did incredibly well, coming in third.

Emma Paull also did phenomenally well individually, coming in as second lady overall


The Hayle contingent also received a few age category prizes:

Emma Paull - 1st - Female 35-39

Kirsty Medlock - 2nd - Female 40-44

Peter Barnes - 1st - Male 40-44

Simon Jeffs - 3rd - Male 45-49

Ian Curnow - 3rd - Male 50-54

Jon Eldon - 2nd - Male 60-64

A huge thank you to Tamar Trotters for hosting such a lovely day, and well done to every member of the green army who took part!

Truro Trail 10k


16 Hayle runners were in Truro to complete the Truro Trail 10K. This was the last race in the 2022/2023 MTRS series!

The runners faced a tough (they don’t call it ‘Meet Your Max’ for nothing), largely off road course that finished up through the grounds of Truro School. Adding to the difficulty was the super-hot weather but, on the plus side, there were post-race pasties and beers for every runner, so it all evened out in the end.

Shoutouts to:

Ian Curnow - 3rd - Male 50-54

Jon Eldon - 1st - Male 60-64

Chunky Penhaul - 1st - Male 75-59

Hels Cattran-Dunlop - Most spectacular fall

Thanks as always to Truro Running Club for putting on a fab event and well done to everybody who took part!

Hayle Runners mens and ladies teams take 1st place at the Sticker 5 mile race


39 runners from Hayle joined a total of over 250 running the Sticker 5 mile race. This undulating course takes in the country lanes around Sticker with a sharp climb at the half mile mark.

The conditions couldn’t have been more different to the race this time last year, when runners were faced with rain and the odd rumble of thunder. This year saw glorious sunshine as the runners took on the hilly course. A group of runners even made the most of the lovely weather by having a picnic after the race.

Hayle did very well for prizes, with our men’s and ladies teams both coming in first, and Emma Paull coming in as the second lady overall! The Men’s team was Jacob Gardner, Jordan Morant, Pete Barnes, Neil Hayhurst, Dan Strickland and Tom Rosenfeld. Emma Paull, Melodie Manners, Debbie Harrison-Webb, Lee Strickland, Kirsty Medlock, and Jane Barker made up the ladies’ team.

The Hayle runners taking home age category prizes were:

Ladies 35-39 - Emma Paul, 1st

Ladies 40-44 - Kirsty Medlock, 2nd

Ladies 45-49 - Lee Strickland, 2nd

Ladies 50-54 - Debbie Harrison-Webb, 2nd

Ladies 75+ - Timothea Cardell, 3rd

Men Under 35 - Jacob Gardner, 3rd

Men 40-44 - Pete Barnes, 2nd; Neil Hayhurst, 3rd

Men 60-64 - Jon Eldon 1st

Men 75+ - Chunky Penhaul 1st

Well done to everybody who navigated Chivvy-related diversions to get up to Sticker in the first place, and thanks to Sticker AFC Football Club Cornwall for putting on a great event as always!


The Bude Lifeboat Run


12 runners from Hayle joined nearly 400 others at the Bude lifeboat run, raising money for the RNLI.

The route comprises both tarmac and trails, and features some lovely views along the way. It was tough in the heat, though!


A couple of Hayle runners took home age category prizes (specifically, swiss rolls!):

Hayle Runners category results:

Jon Eldon - 1st - Male 60-64

Chunky Penhaul - 2nd - Male 70+

Hayle Runners take on the Trevornick 10k


On Sunday, 38 runners from Hayle joined nearly 300 runners overall for the Trevornick 10k. The race is a tough, undulating run over dunes and paths on Cornwall's north coast, and the runners were rewarded with spectacular views along the route. The glorious weather on the day was another bonus, although made for some very hot conditions. Several runners were also running the day after participating in the Classic Quarter, which added another layer of challenge.

The Hayle men’s team came second overall! Well done to Peter Barnes, Jordan Morant, Jacob Gardner, Neil Hayhurst, Kieran Murrant, and Simon Knowles. The Hayle ladies team also did excellently, coming in third. The team was comprised of Emma Paull, Melodie Manners, Lucy Paull, Deebie Harrison-Webb, Lee Strickland, and Hannah Smith.

Emma Paull also took home the prize for first female finisher, which is a brilliant achievement.

Several runners took home age category prizes:

Emma Paull - First - Female 35-39

Lee Strickland - Second - Female 45-29

Debbie Harrison-Webb - Third - Female 50-54

Peter Barnes - First - Male 40-44

Simon Knowles - Third - Male 45-49

Jon Eldon - First - Male 60-64

Martin Curtis - Second - Male 75-79

Hayle Runners on The Classic Quarter


Yesterday saw lots of Hayle runners taking part in the Classic Quarter as individuals, in pairs, or as part of four-person relay teams, either with fellow runners from Hayle or with people from outside the club.

The Classic Quarter is a 44-mile ultramarathon run along the South West Coast Path from Lizard Point to Land’s End. The route from the southernmost tip of the UK to the westernmost point means that, by the end, participants will have completed 90 degrees of the compass - which is how the ‘classic quarter’ name came to be.

As you can imagine, the route takes in some extremely tough terrain including rocks, mud, and trail, and over 5,500 ft of climbing! The weather can be unpredictable, but on this occasion the race took place in glorious sunshine, which added ‘heat’ to the list of challenges the runners had to face.

Hayle runners of all levels took part in the race, and the amount of support from everybody else has been lovely to see. We’re so proud of every single person who took part for any amount of distance - it’s a huge achievement. Well done, everyone!

Donation to Hayle Foodbank


Hayle Foodbank is Hayle Runners’ chosen charity for 2023 in recognition of the current economic climate and its impact on everyone’s cost of living.


This week Hels Cattran-Dunlop and Melissa Nicholas, who raised over £800 by running the London Marathon, as well as Mike Wright, who has raised a sum by selling club buffs, paid the food bank a visit to let them know how much the club has raised so far this year. We’re proud to say this is a whopping £1674.97!


As well as Melissa, Hels, and Mike’s efforts, Hayle runners have raised money with our annual Mousehole lights run, New Years Day events, and individual donations. Members also bring donations of food and toiletries to our regular club runs on the first Tuesday of the month, which are then taken to the food bank. We’re very happy to be able to to do our part to support the local community and the fantastic work that the food bank is doing!

Imerys Marathon and Half Marathon


10 runners from Hayle made the journey to St Austell on Sunday to take on the Imerys Marathon and Half Marathon. Of those, 7 runners completed the half marathon and 3 completed the full 26.2 miles.

The races are part of the MTRS series and offer participants the unique chance to run through parts of Cornwall's China Clay industrial landscape not normally accessible to the public, including current operational sites, former industrial land that has since been regenerated, and even the grounds of the Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum. The day itself was a sunny one, so the runners had to contend with heat as well as a tough, multi-terrain course!

The runners taking on the marathon were Joseph Stanford, Kieran Murrant, and Louise Olliver. Andrew James, Debbie Harrison-Webb, Jon Eldon, Julie Bolitho, Kelly Bills, Kevin Silver, and Rob Bolitho took on the half.

There some age category prizes in both events:

Marathon - Female 55-59 - Louise Olliver

Half Marathon - Female 50-54 - Debbie Harrison-Webb

Half Marathon - Male 60-64 - Jon Eldon

Hayle Runners at the London Marathon


At the weekend, 16 runners from Hayle travelled upcountry to take part in a little-known race called the ‘London Marathon’. The group was made up of first-timers and more experienced marathoners, with a combination of good-for-age, charity, and ballot places. They were ably supported by other club members who travelled up to cheer them on and provide vital finish line beers.

Some of the runners started getting into the competitive mindset early with quizzes and games on the train, as well as beginning some vital carb-loading with a giant box of pastries! After picking up their numbers together, they headed out for a meal and then (we hope!) turned in early in preparation for the big day.

The day itself was grey and drizzly, so very familiar territory for a group from Cornwall. The Hayle contingent joined over 48,000 others to run the course that started in Greenwich park and took them around lots of the sights of London before finishing on the Mall. Needless to say, the atmosphere was incredible with crowds lining the route even in the damp weather.

Finish times from Hayle were:

Adam Gore - 02:39:10

Thomas Rosenfeld - 02:55:24

Melissa Nicholas - 03:22:28

Neil Hayhurst - 03:23:58

Jon Eldon - 03:26:32

Scott Abraham - 03:28:33

Paul Warmington - 03:33:03

Andrea Simmons - 03:33:57

Kirsty Medlock - 03:35:03

Jen Forbes - 04:12:37

Naomi Ward - 04:12:43

Marlene Grobler - 04:22:08

Sarah Allen - 05:03:41

Hels Cattran-Dunlop - 05:17:52

Rob Bolitho - 06:15:00

Julie Bolitho - 06:15:00

Chloe Mellor - 06:28:53

We’re incredibly proud of every Hayle runner who was lucky enough to take part. The rest of the club back home in Cornwall cheered from afar until all of them were across the finish line.

Entries are now open for the ballot for next year, so don’t forget to sign up before they close on Friday 28th if this is on your bucket list! And if you do sign up, why not sign up to Hayle Runners while you’re at it? whether you’re a marathon pro or you’ve never even considered it, we have a group for you.

HR at the FR KVK


The Freedom Racing 'KVK' stands for ‘Kilometre of Vert in Kernow’. The race involves 2 figure of 8 loops adding up to 1000m of total ascent over a 15-mile, predominantly-trail course starting at Perranporth airfield.

Saturday was a stunning day for a group of Hayle runners to take on this brand new route, and those who took part did amazingly. Steve Wherry stepped in for another runner, and joined Jacob Gardner to become the 1st place relay team with a combined time of 02:03:33.

Charlotte Bennett made a return to racing and, with Paul Atkinson, came in 2nd place as a mixed-relay team with a combined time of 02:25:19

Steve Fuller completed the full course solo in 02:21:18.


Stuart Lloyd Smith did it in 03:12:17, and Ian Earles finished in 02:40:09.

Two club members, Melissa Nicholas and Neil Hayhurst, also volunteered at the event, which is great to see.

Well done to everybody who took part, and thanks to Freedom for organising everything.

If you fancy taking on an event like this there’s a wealth of experience and support at Hayle runners. You are more than welcome to join us, whatever level you're currently at!

Three Hayle Runners take on the
Manchester Marathon


Three Hayle runners - Kevin Silver, Paul Allan, and Mike Baldwin - successfully completed the 2023 Manchester Marathon on Sunday!

With up to 28,000 total participants, the Manchester Marathon is famous for its fast, flat, and friendly route. It’s the fourth largest marathon in Europe, so there was plenty of support on the course, and a fantastic atmosphere.

Kevin set a new personal best with a time of 3:32:31, which qualifies him as Good For Age for the Boston Marathon! Paul finished in 3:28:07, also a Good For Age time. Mike completed the race in 4:45:34, which is a huge achievement.

Congratulations and well done to all three of them.


New members of all abilities are always welcome so if you fancy taking the first step on your own marathon training journey, get in touch!

Hayle Runners at An Res Hellys


53 runners from Hayle joined a total field of 311 to take on the 10 mile multi-terrain run, which started and finished in Helston. The route took them through the National Trust Penrose Estate, along the coast, and across Loe Bar. A lone piper stationed at the end of the beach gave everyone a much-appreciated boost before the hill up to Gunwalloe. From there, the runners headed inland, passing RNAS Culdrose before descending back into Helston for the finish.

Our male and female teams both took first prize! The male team consisted of Jordan Morant, Jacob Gardner, Peter Barnes, Kieran Murrant, Daniel Strickland, and Simon Knowles, all of whom ran an outstanding race. The female team were equally impressive, with Emma Paull, Debbie Harrison-Webb, Lee Strickland, Corinne Gerrard, Jane Barker, and Hannah Smith all putting in an incredible effort.

Emma Paull was the first female home overall which, it goes without saying, is an amazing achievement.


Runners from Hayle picked up lots of age category prizes too:

Emma Paull - Female 35-39 - First

Michelle Fitt - Female 40-44 - Third

Lee Strickland - Female 45-49 - Third

Debbie Harrison-Webb - Female 50-54 - First

Corinne Gerrard - Female 50-54 - Second

Jordan Morant - Male under 35 - Third

Peter Barnes - Male 40-44 - First

Daniel Strickland - Male 40-44 - Second

Simon Knowles - Male 45-49 - Second

Simon Jeffs - Male 45-49 - Third

Jon Eldon - Male 60-64 - First

Chunky Penhaul - Male 75-79 - First

Martin Curtis - Male 75-79 - Second

Stewart Townend - Male 80+ - First

We're incredibly proud of every Hayle runner who took part today. And a huge thankyou to Carn Runners for putting on a great event!

Hayle Runners at Fowey Tunnel 10k


While many of us were relaxing on a beautiful Good Friday, a group of Hayle runners headed to Fowey Gig Club to complete the Fowey Tunnel 10K! The route took them through the Pinnock tunnel twice. This is the longest tunnel in Cornwall at just over 1km, and isn’t usually open to the public so it was a really good opportunity to experience something a little different.

The sunny weather on the day meant that the team were grateful for the shade. Even the water drips from the roof were welcomed as they kept everybody cool and refreshed during the run!

The runners from Hayle who completed the race were Frazer Humbles, Claire Stone, Susan Thomas, Theresa Clark, Sam Dixon, and Mike Wright.

Huge thanks to Fowey Gig Club for putting on such a lovely and unique event. We can’t wait to come back next time.

Hayle Runners at Trepolpen Seythin 10k


Not to be put off by one less hour of sleep after the clocks went forward,15 Hayle runners travelled up to Seaton this morning to compete in East Cornwall Harriers’ Trepolpen Seythin 10km race.

The name of the event reflects the terrain it includes, so competitors took on village (tre), coast (pol), and hills (pen) during the route around Seaton country park, out past Deviock, and back along the beach from Downderry. After all that, the pub finish was definitely appreciated!

Everybody put in a terrific effort on a tough course, but a few runners placed in the top 3 in their age categories:

Kevin Silver - 3rd - Male 55-59

Jon Eldon - 1st - Male 60-64

Chunky Penhaul - 1st - Male 75-79

Our male (Jacob Gardner, Liam O'Neill, Jon Eldon & Frazer Humbles) and female (Jennifer Forbes, Margaret Clark, Claire Stone & Fiona Gamble) teams also both placed fourth!

Well done to everybody who took part, and our thanks to East Cornwall Harriers for a brilliant event!

Hayle Runners take on the Falmouth Half Marathon


Sunday morning saw 516 people, including 41 from Hayle Runners, take on the Falmouth Half Marathon. Spirits were high despite the overcast day, and there was some fantastic support out on the course to cheer everybody along through the mizzle.

The “undulating” 13.1 mile road route started on Cliff Road before looping around Pendennis Headland and then following the coast past Gylly and Swanpool beaches. Runners then headed out towards Maenporth and Mawnan Smith, before turning back towards home.

The Hayle ladies' team did especially well, coming in first overall. Emma Paull, Melodie Manners, Kirsty Medlock, Melissa Nicholas, Andrea Simmons, and Michelle Fitt did brilliantly on a tough course.

The Hayle men’s team - made up of Jacob Gardner, Kieran Murrant, Liam O’Neill, Scott Abraham, Ian Curnow, and Jon Eldon - came in fourth place overall, which is a fantastic effort as well.

Hayle Runners placing in the top three of their age category were:

Emma Paull - 1st, Female 35-39

Kirsty Medlock, 1st, Female 40-44

Andrea Simmons - 1st, Female 65-69

Jacob Gardner - 1st Male under 35

Liam O’Neill - 3rd, Male 35-39

Scott Abraham - 2nd, Male 50-54

Jon Eldon - 1st, Male 60-64

Chunky Penhaul - 1st, Male 75-79

Stuart Townend - 1st, Male 80+

Every Hayle Runner who took part in the race did the club proud, and we look forward to more of the same as we head into spring!

Hayle Runners Take On The Hillish and Hellish Looe 10 Miler


Looe 10 miler is renowned for being ‘hillish and hellish’ but at least there was some heavenly weather for the 33 Hayle runners who joined a field of over 500 in taking on the “undulating” (to say the least) course on Sunday morning.

The 10-mile route took runners through West Looe and out towards Talland on the coastal road. This was followed by a loop around the Killigarth, Porthallow area, before heading back down to Talland and the last stretch before the finish.

The club are proud of all of our members who took on the race today, but particular mention goes to the men’s team, made up of Jacob Gardner, Kieran Murrant, Daniel Strickland, Liam O’Neill, Ian Curnow, and Jon Eldon, who were the first team home.

The women’s team, consisting of Emma Paull, Melodie Manners, Kirsty Medlock, Lee Strickland, Lucy Paull, and Lily Lorys, also did phenomenally, coming in second.

Those Hayle runners placing in the top three in their age categories were:

Emma Paull - 1st - Female 35-39

Lee Strickland - 3rd - Female 45-49

Daniel Strickland - 3rd - Male 40-44

Mark Williams - 3rd - Male 55-59

Jon Eldon - 1st - Male 60-64

In addition to the hardy runners taking on the hills at Looe today, several of our members braved the dark for the Tehidy Twilight Run on Saturday night - well done to Sam Collier, Sam Robinson, Marlene Grobler, and Juane Grobler!

Hayle Runners do the Newquay 10k


A chilly but beautiful Sunday morning saw 57 Hayle Runners travel up the coast to participate in the Newquay 10k. The undulating course took them from the town, out towards Crantock, before turning back for one last hill before the finish at the Sports Centre. Club members from a range of different groups gave it their all and did Hayle proud.

Jordan Morant led a men’s team also consisting of Peter Barnes, Dan Strickland, Simone Knowles, Scott Abraham, and Liam O’Neill, to fourth place. Emma Paull was the first Hayle lady home. She was joined in the sixth place women’s team by Kirsty Medlock, Lia Foreman, Michelle Fitt, Naomi Astill, and Hannah Smith.

Special mention to a few of our runners who brought home age category prizes:

35-39 - Emma Paull, 1st

45-49 - Simon Knowles, 3rd

60-64 - Jon Eldon, 1st

70-74 - Martin Curtis, 2nd

75-79 - Chunky Penhaul, 1st

80-84 - Stuart Townend, 1st

Hayle Runners take on the Arc of Attrition and Arc 50


Several of our members took part in the Arc of Attrition and the Arc 50 at the end of January, both of which are huge achievements!

The Arc of Attrition covers one hundred miles of the Cornish coast path from Coverack to the Eco Park in Porthtowan. The race started on Friday 27th January at 12.30 P.M., with a cut off of 36 hours. The race takes in some of Cornwall’s most dramatic coastline, as well as involving over 4000 metres of climbing. Steve Fuller, Neil Hayhurst and Melissa Nicholas all completed the full hundred miles.

One of our own, Naomi Connon, was the sweep runner from Coverack to Porthtowan, and also crewed for another runner overnight.

The Arc 50 is also a huge challenge, covering fifty miles of the coast path from the Minack to the Eco Park. The race started on the morning of Saturday 28th, at 8.30 A.M. Runners were treated to some stunning scenery, but also over 2,000 metres of climbing and a 15.5 hour limit to complete the entire route. The Hayle runners completing the Arc 50 were Jacob Gardner, Steve Wherry, Melissa Poultney, Gabrielle Hume-Rothery, Kelly Bills, and Sophie Howard.

A huge well done to everybody who ran the race, but also to all of our members who were out there crewing and tending to those running.


Hayle Runners out in force for Stormforce

Hayle runners kicked off the 2023 Cornish Grand Prix season in style with the Stormforce 10 mile road race, organised by Carn Runners. The 70 Hayle runners were part of a total field of 499 from Cornwall and beyond. The route took them from Camborne, through Barripper, to Realwa and Leedstown, before looping back through Carnhell Green to retrace their steps and race to the finish at Camborne School. There was a fantastic atmosphere on the day with a mix of seasoned Stormforce runners and first-timers, all of whom did the club proud. It was also great to see even more of our members showing up to cheer everybody on.


Joshua Rowe came second overall with a phenomenal time of 53 minutes and 25 seconds, and also led the men's team, also consisting of Jordan Morant, Adam Gore, Jacob Gardner, Peter Barnes, and Kieran Murrant, to second place.


The Hayle ladies team were just pipped to the podium, coming in fourth, but still a fantastic effort by Melodie Manners, Lee Strickland, Kirsty Medlock, Lia Foreman, Corinne Gerrard, and Lucy Paull.


Several of our runners brought home age category prizes:
Joshua Rowe - 2nd (under 35)

Peter Barnes - 3rd (40-44)

Lee Strickland - 3rd (45-49)

David Reid - 2nd (50-54)

Jon Eldon - 1st (60-64)

Martin Curtis - 3rd (70-74)

Chunky Penhaul - 1st (75-79)

Full list of Hayle Runners times:

Joshua Rowe: 00:53:25

Jordan Morant: 00:56:40

Adam Gore: 00:57:55

Jacob Gardner: 00:58:57

Peter Barnes: 01:00:46

Kieran Murrant: 01:00:50

Liam O'Neill: 01:02:51

Daniel Strickland: 01:03:16

David Reid: 01:04:57

Scott Abraham: 01:06:52

Will Luckhurst: 01:07:18

James Manning: 01:07:28

Mark Williams: 01:07:49

Jon Eldon: 01:07:58

Simon Knowles: 01:08:02

Simon Jeffs: 01:08:19

Ian Curnow: 01:08:25

David Guffick: 01:10:19

Lee Burford: 01:10:58

Melodie Manners: 01:12:02

Paul Gough: 01:13:58

Frazer Humbles: 01:14:51

Kevin Silver: 01:14:56

Lee Strickland: 01:15:14

Kirsty Medlock: 01:15:23

Andrew James: 01:17:35

Lia Foreman: 01:17:50

Corinne Gerrard: 01:19:13

Lucy Paull: 01:21:33

Jane Barker: 01:22:03

Craig Underhill: 01:23:33

Richard Collett: 01:24:16

Chunky Penhaul: 01:24:56

Andrew Ellis: 01:25:13

Charles Simpson: 01:25:20

Alison Thomas: 01:27:02

Hannah Smith: 01:27:17

Maria De Ruvo: 01:27:58

Jennifer Buckland: 01:29:30

Stuart Smith: 01:29:30

Sarah Allen: 01:30:15

Sam Murray: 01:30:46

Michael Orchard: 01:31:15

Jennifer Forbes: 01:31:41

Fiona Gamble: 01:32:15

Trish Merrett: 01:32:31

Jamie Gore: 01:35:03

Louise Ollivier: 01:36:10

Martin Curtis: 01:36:39

Margaret Clark: 01:36:58

Mel Burgess: 01:36:59

Mike Baldwin: 01:40:52

Nick Morley: 01:41:05

Claire Stone: 01:41:40

Stewart Townend: 01:41:51

Cas Leo: 01:42:19

Helen Cattran: 01:50:26

Julie Bolitho: 01:51:06

Susan Thomas: 01:51:08

Zenna Rogers: 01:52:51

Sarah Johns: 01:53:25

Jackie Stone: 01:57:03

Amanda Gore: 01:57:56

Karen Lovegrove: 01:58:47

Robert Bolitho: 02:01:08

Nicola Masters: 02:01:30

Sarah Ellis: 02:08:44

Teresa Moore: 02:08:44

Donna Dark: 02:11:35

Samantha Dixon: 02:11:49

There is gold in those hills -

Looe 10 mile road race


Congratulations to any runner who decided to run Looe 10 mile road race!


Twenty members of Hayle Runners made their way to east Cornwall to take place in the very hilly but scenic race organised by Looe Pioneers Running Club and acquitted themselves really well.


There was a great performance by a strong men’s team who came third in the men’s team competition. Neil Hayhurst led the team home, closely followed by Steve Fuller (who was second in his 50-54 age category), Ed Bennett, Chris Barrett, David Wilding, and Tim Twiggs.


For the women, a great run by Debbie Harrison Webb saw her win her 50-54 age category and lead the Hayle women home. She was supported in the women's team by Corinne Gerrard, Margaret Clark, Susan Thomas, Jane Naylor and Clare Stone.

There were also age category prises for Jon Eldon 3rd in his 60-64 age category and Chunky Penhaul 2nd in his 70-74 age category.


Hayle Runners Women's team captain Corinne Gerrard said, "The Looe 10 is a really tough race but we had some fantastic runs from club members throughout the field. It was great to see new faces making our teams at the race. Everyone did so well."

Neil Hayhurst - 1:10:33

Stephen Fuller - 1:10:54

Edmund Bennett - 1:11:01

Chris Barrett - 1:13:56

David Wilding - 1:15:46

Tim Twiggs - 1:19:46

Jon Eldon - 1:21:22

Debbie Harrison-Webb - 1:22:16

Liam O’Neill - 1:26:20

Andrew James - 1:27:57

Frazer Humbles - 1:28:07

Corinne Gerrard - 1:32:59

Kevin Silver - 1:35:01

Anthony Burrows - 1:35:09

Chunky (Antony) Penhaul  - 1:39:40

Margaret Clark - 1:58:55

Susan Thomas - 2:07:22

Jane Naylor - 2:09:33

Claire Stone - 2:11:06

Helen Cattran-Dunlop - 2:14:47

Hayle Runners off to a flying start to the 2022 Grand Prix Season


Hayle Runners got off to a flying start to the new season at the Stormforce 10 mile road race, the first race in the 2022 Cornish Road Running Grand Prix season. The club had a large entry in the race with 75 runners out of a total field of 560 runners who made their way from Camborne through Barripper to Realwa and Leedstown before looping back through Carnell Green to retrace their steps and race to the finish at Camborne School.

The Hayle team were led home for the men by Joshua Rowe who had a great race finishing in an amazing time of 54 minutes 19 seconds and Melissa Nicholas for the women in a time of 70 minutes 53 seconds who also helped the Hayle women's team take 3rd place in the team competition where she was joined by Melody Manners, Rebecca Tossell, Debbie Mitchell, Emily Ellen and Corinne Gerrard.


The women pipped the men’s team of Josh Rowe, Neil Hayhurst, Steve Fuller, Peter Barnes, Tom Rosenfeld and Ed Bennett who just missed out on a podium place.


There were also individual prizes for Neil Hayhurst, 2nd in his 40-44 age group, Chunky Penhaul 2nd in his 70-74 age group, Stewart Townsend 3rd in his over 75 age group, Diane Warren second in her 65-69 age category and Timothea Cardell who was first in her over 75 category.


There were very many personal best throughout the Hayle Runners team and brilliant club debut performances from numerous team members.


Members of the club wore ribbons in memory of their colleague and friend Matt Curtis who passed away late last year.


Lee Burford, Chair of Hayle Runners said that, "It was great to see so many of the team giving the Stormforce race a go. Although a little chilly conditions were good and this helped toward so many great runs from the team and giving us a great start to the season. We are now looking forward to the Newquay 10k on the 6th February when the season gets into full flow."

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