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The start of the 'Turkey Trot'


As a service to members entries for all  GP races ( road and multi terrain) are taken to be part of a club entry  rather than by applying individually. When entries are open  the clubs website and Facebook page will advise that paid up members can join the club entry.on the system.

If you enter through this method you can collect your race number on the day from the Hayle ‘desk’  where a member of the committee will be distributing the numbers.

Please note that administration of the system does incur costs for the club and as a result no refunds will be given on entries if you find you can no longer run.Where it is able to, the club will seek to reallocate places and use any proceeds to defray administrative costs.

Should members prefer they can enter individually by applying to the race organisers Many races do take entries on the day but some specifically do not,where they do it will cost a minimum of £2 extra.

If you do not apply in advance there is a significant risk that you will not be able to enter on the day.You will need to check with the organisers to be certain as Hayle Runners cannot give any warranty that places will be available.

A plea from our lovely captains. Please please can you get to races where the club has done your entry at least an hour before the start. If you expect to be arriving  later than this you must let us know or you could lose your place.This is important because it allows Craig or whoever is there on the day time to sort the paperwork (on your behalf), check entries and hand it over before they get ready for the race themselves.

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