Hayle runners push for places at the IQ Half



As a club, Hayle Runners are adhering to the Covid Laws for England and also the guidelines from England Athletics. Our group sizes will reflect this and all runners must book onto a group and be willing to provide a number for track and trace


Our groups no longer all meet at Hayle Rugby Club but at various locations around Hayle. This is to avoid gathering in numbers and to show due respect to the Hayle Community. The meeting times vary between groups from 5.30 pm to 7.15pm.


We are no longer able to have anyone just turn up on the night. If you would like to come and run with us please contact Diane Warren, our Membership Secretary, diane.warren54@gmail.com and you will be sent a form to complete. There is no charge to try us out but after this we hope you will want to join, what is probably the friendliest club in Cornwall. Our membership fee is £40.


All we ask is that you must uphold the 2 metre rule and please take your own hand sanitizer. PLEASE be courteous, walk past members of the public and let them know you’re trying to be careful. We try not to run through Hayle as a group but stay in areas that are out of town.


PLEASE don’t run if you are feeling unwell in any way, stay safe and think of others.

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Meet Your Max

Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Location: Truro Rugby Club, TR1 1NY


Tywardreath Trotter

Date: Saturday, July 24, 2021
Location: Tywardreath


Treggy 7

Date: Sunday, September 5, 2021
Location: Launceston


Treggy 7

Sunday 1 September 2019


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Due to pandemic, group paces, times and locations are a little scattered at the moment. If you're in any doubt as to what group to join, just contact the club and we'll make a recommendation.

Group 1.    Scott’s group

Sub 7.30 average. Everyone can do a half marathon in under 1h 30m and some under 1h 15m. Don't place limits on what you can achieve if you're in this group. Most sessions will be structured workouts which will include things like mile reps or hill reps and plenty in between. Occasionally this group might just go for a run, but that's an easy week.


Group 2.    Lee’s group

Similar pace and structure to Scott's group, just meeting a little earlier (6.30pm).

Group 3.    Charlotte’s group

This group can run a 10k between 41-47mins. Most sessions are structured workouts such as hill reps and interval training. The group occasionally does a steady run which will be between 7.45-8.15min/mile. Total mileage between 7-8.  In the summer, the group takes the opportunity to run and do sessions on the Towans.   Runners in this group also always make time to have a 10min stretching session after the run. This gives everyone the chance to chat about the session and give feedback. Runners here take their training seriously but still have time for a chat and a laugh between reps. Currently running from Helston.

Group 4.    Mark and Andy’s group

Running 8-15 to 8-45 pace for about 7 miles. Tends to suit people who race at 44-52 minutes for a 10k. In the summer runs will be a mix of road, tracks, trails, beach and Towans. In the winter runs will be around Hayle town and involve a mixture of hills and flat. It often feels like more of the former than the latter.

Group 5.    Diane and Michelle’s group

8.45 to 9.15 minute mile group. This is the average pace that someone would be happy to run for 10k. Di stresses this should not be their race pace because you should not be running race pace for the whole session. There are times when they run faster during a session, or slower when on recovery or cool down. Summer runs will be a mix of road, tracks, trails, beach and Towans. Winter runs will be around Hayle town and will involve interval sessions and hill reps. This is a very social group and in between sessions you can give your tongue as much exercise as your legs. Michelle is currently taking a group at a 9.15-10.30

Group 6.    Elaine’s group

Another 8.45 to 9.15 minute mile group running at an earlier time in Hayle.

Group 7.    Trevor's group

10.15-11.00 min miles. This group is a steady paced group with stops and will always regroup for everyone. There may be the occasional fun, short speed session to mix things up a bit! Currently meeting at 6.30pm.

Group 8.    Jennie 's group

This group run at a social pace. We tend to run between 4 and 6 miles at a variable pace between 10.45 and 11.45 minute miles. Some like to join us who are generally faster but we ask that they either stay with the slower runners or loop back for us. We aren’t serious in our sessions but we encourage everyone to take the plunge and do their first race in a green vest. We like to chat and run, enjoy the towans, footpaths in the summer and Hayle town in the winter. We often stop to take photos and to catch our breath. We occasionally do some hill reps or a sprint session and encourage attendance at track.

Group 9.    Jackie’s group

The walk-run group is for the complete beginner who cannot run more than a few steps, or for anyone who isn’t sure what they can do.  This group does the same route each week, so there are no surprises and returning members know what they can expect.  It is a very informal group and everyone encourages each other.  Coaching is based on technique and running tips to help people get started.

Group 10.    Susie’s group

Another walk-run group currently running from Camborne,

Feet up on a coast path run
Hayle runners regularly train along the coastal paths


The club’s lead coaches Scott Abraham and Charlotte Bennett oversee the training programme at the track and are supported by Coaches and Leaders from the club. The track sessions are held at Carn Brea Leisure Centre at Pool near Redruth on Thursday at 7pm. Each term lasts 6 to 10 weeks with a week or two off in between.

Each week is different and is designed to make you faster, fitter and a more aerobically efficient runner. Almost nothing else works so quickly, and burns more calories.

Sessions last about an hour and a quarter, including a warm up, and they vary between multiple 100m sprints to longer circuits of 1,600m or 3,000m.Runners train in similarly paced group supported by a qualified coach or leader. At the end of each term runners can be speed tested to measure progress (though it’s not compulsory).

All speeds are catered for, though it does help if you can run a couple of miles already. There is a fee of £1 pw for members of Hayle Runners and £2 pw for non members.   Currently the club has funding to make it free for the under 20s.All you need do is turn up (with a friend, if it helps).  You walk through Carn Brea reception and tell them you are going to the track. When you get to the track the Hayle runners are usually in the top right hand corner near the portacabin.